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Strut Bump Stops

Strut Bump Stops

Bump stop (also called jounce bumper ) is a part of a vehicle's shock-absorber system manufactured from microcellular polyurethane. It works to make the suspension progressive, allowing a smooth transition to full compression


1.    Role of bump stops

         Enhance vehicle safety by its high resistance of compression, highly preventing damage caused by excessive bump impact to the shock absorber and the coil spring

         Enhance vehicle riding comfortability by highly absorbing carbody vibration  and by reducing travel noises

         Improve vehicle stability while turning on winding roads and on sharps turns,

         or crossing deceleration strips or continuous bumpy roads,etc.


         Increase vehicle carrying capacity by assisting the coil spring


2.    When should bump stops be changed?

Replace jounce bumpers and bump stops whenever they’re worn or missing


3.     We offer solutions for technical shortcomings in the area of vibration control for suspensions from design to production. The superiority of our components are as follows:


·        High tensile strength and tear resistance

·        Low/hight temperature resistance

·        High resistance to repeated compression

·        Progressive load deflection characteristics

·        High resistance to hydrolysis and microorganism

·        Strong energy absorbent capacity

·        Ten thousand kilometers or 2 years longevity