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Coil Spring Isolators

Coil Spring Isolators

What is a coil spring isolator?

The insulator is a small piece of rubber that is placed at the upper and lower mounting position of the springs.


What is the purpose o coil spring isolator?

The part is designed to perform a dampening function in order to isolate the continuous up and down movement of the springs as they deal with the unwanted forces that the car encounters while driving.


Without a coil spring insulator, these forces will be transmitted to the vehicle body and the driver is being sure to experience a great amount of discomfort while on travel.


Aside from this, the metal-to-metal contact between the coil spring and its mounting points will surely create a distracting squeaky sound if not dampened. It is therefore important that a high-quality insulator be set up in place.


Material option for a spring isolator?

Most insulators are made from regular rubber, which is not so durable, and easily to crack, leaving the coil spring bare. Polyurethane is a good material. It's soft enough to handle the forces exerted on it by the coil spring and yet tough enough not to give in to damage even after a long time.