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Cabin Suspension Buffers

Cabin Suspension Buffers

A truck operating in long-distance routes can clock up to 100,000 miles in a year. On average, truck drivers spend approximately ten times longer behind the wheel than car drivers. To ensure maximum comfort, the driver's cab needs to be protected and damped effectively.

The cab buffer is the link between chassis and suspension. Cab buffers cushion disruptive vibrations and noise, and thus ensure optimal working conditions.


Role of the cab buffers

  • Resilient cab mounts reduce the transmission  of vibration from the chassis to the cab and thus also reduce exposure to vibration and noise for the driver.

  • offer significantly improved suspension properties. This translates into considerably enhanced comfort for the  driver.

  • Hydraulically damped elastomer mounts allow for the additional damping of incitation forces. This also contributes to enhanced comfort.


All of our parts are new, high quality aftermarket parts with specialties below:


  • Easiest to Use:  Rubber cushions absorb road shocks      and automatically adjust to uneven loads or road conditions.

  • Easiest to Maintain:  Simply bolt the kit on and you are set for a lifetime of trouble free  suspension.

  • Easiest to Install: There are no holes to drill, can be installed in a matter of minutes using  basic hand tools. The softer ride quality of today's trucks and the  mediocre suspensions found on most trailers can cause excessive trailer sway, instability and suspension settling.