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Strut Mounts

Strut Mounts

Strut mount assemblies incorporate a bearing or a bearing plate that allows the strut to turn as the wheels turn since they are connected. The strut mount also acts an in insulator between the road and the body of the vehicle to help reduce road and driveline vibrations or noises.

Many (front) strut mounts also contain a bearing or bearing plate that serves as the steering pivot.


Symptoms for a bad strut, also known as a shock or damper, are oil on the strut, noises from one corner of the car and possible problems with the car handling on bumpy roads.


Can I drive with a broken strut?


Driving with failing or broken struts is dangerous because they do not sufficientlydampen side-to-side and front-to-back weight transfers. Such swaying prevents thetires from properly gripping the road, which makes turning corners and brakingdifficult. Accordingly, properly functioning struts

 are a critical safety feature.


How to replace the strut mount?


            ·        Install the completed strut assembly back into the steering knuckle.

            ·        Place the strut assembly back into the strut tower and replace the strut tower bolts.

            ·        Replace the wheel.

            ·        Perform a final check to make sure nothing was incorrectly fitted.

            ·        Repeat the process for all struts you want to change.