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The employees are the most important key to the success of the company. Within BONPORA, all employees should reach their full potential. We always encourage everyone to think widely and bravely as to reach his full potential and take the lead for his own development.


We offer our staffs a local market competitive compensation and benefit program related to their individual performance.  We also offer a work-life balance enviroment, create a healthy work situation and environment that empowers a sustainable and fun working life. This aims to encourage professional development and high performance.


We reward successes and provide ample opportunities for personal career growth.


Our core values include:

Envolvement, Innovation, Teamwork, Integrity and Dedication


We are looking for people who want to make a difference, talented individuals with the skills and passions to become leaders of the future in what they do.

If you have interests, please email us your CV at info@bonporaparts.com