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About Bonpora Parts and Components

We are an acknowledged leader in manufacturing, wholesaling and exporting shock & strut components for the domestic and international market.

The company was originally dedicated to produce polyurethane shock strut bumpers for domestic aftermarket. With years of growth, the company has seen that the growing market needs resulted in gradual expansion of the company’s capabilities and introducing new products, as well as personalized services. Individual product and service can't be well accommodated special applications of our customers. The diversification of product is the only way to meet the ever changing needs of the customers. It is why Bonporea (previously named Chen's Enterprise ) was borned as to well serve our customers both in domestic and international.

In conjunction with distribution network, we work closely with the reliable partners to distribute suspension components and other related spare parts. Continuous New to the market is our philosophy idea that allows us to provide hundreds of new products to our customers and end-users each year. However, what we strive for is to become the customers' priority choice, creating the highest value through our high-performance solutions.

The product range includes:
Strut Bump Stops
Cab Suspenson Buffers
Control Arm Bushes
Strut mounts
Strut Dust Sleeves
Coil Spring Lsolators
Miscellaneous Bushings & Mounts

The products are widely applied in:
Heavy duty

We invite you to learn more about Bonpora by visiting this website.